Using and Abusing a Perfectly Good Pattern

I know, I know, I know . . . knit a swatch first – and I did! However, this pattern for a lovely Arsenal beanie did not include instructions for an x-large hat. So, I farted around, took some measurements, tried out different needles, knitted a swatch in good ol’ Cascade 220 Superwash, and thought I was on track. When the band fit perfectly around his head, I was certain that I had made all the correct changes.

No. Of course not, why did I think it would be so simple? I’ve frogged it twice and still haven’t quite figured out what to do.

My main problem is I need to start decreasing sooner than the pattern dictates while maintaining the integrity of the Arsenal cannon logo. Now, I am not a soccer fan, or in any way care for sports, but I REALLY want the logo to turn out! My first attempt turned the barrel of the cannon into a yukon potato. So I have decided to condense the image, removing a lot of negative space. We’ll see how this works.


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