Go Arsenal!

What a great day! (Well, aside from working in a corporate restaurant, paying $3.29 for a gallon of gas, and receiving yet another letter regarding my student loans. . .) Ru and I got together and crafted while watching 1900 House. Last night I finally finished Robert’s soccer hat, after ripping it out twice. 

When worked according to the pattern, the hat fit more like a toque than a beanie. So I ripped it back to the crown, and began decreasing. But I was in a rush to get the hat done, so I decreased every round, rather than every-other, and wound up with a nuggety cannon. Ergh! (Note: At this point, if this were my hat, I would stick a fat pompom on top, and call it done.)

I frogged once more, taking the hat all the way back to the white lettering, so I could skip over three rows of background and essentially pull the image down from the top of the beanie. Once I reached the crown, I decreased in the background and the butt of the cannon.


 Fits great, looks nice and the best part is completing a project I almost gave up on when it got tough.



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