Spring Scarf Update


Just finished the cone of yarn, bound-off and now I am trying to figure out how to make my spring scarf longer without a big block of color. Hmmmmm.

I had hoped to get a scarf that was more like a cowl than a neckerchief. But, since I went a hog wild on the bumps, I used up more yarn than the pattern projected. What do you think readers? Moss stitch edge? Picot? Continue the pattern in white or blue?  Moss stitch edge might make a great background for the buttons. As you can see from the pictures, the bumps of the scarf swallow up my pretty little buttons.

It’s springtime and even I have something green thriving in my kitchen. That’s right, a forgotten sweet potato has sprouted little purple leaves in my fruit basket. Funny how all of my intentional houseplants aren’t doing well . . .


3 thoughts on “Spring Scarf Update

  1. Love all the bumps and the buttons are wonderful. I have no suggestion as many of the words you used, I do not know what they look like. You are on your own as far as Grandma is concerned. I know it will turn out fine. I bought a bag of 100% Italian Mohair “Bonbon” made in Italy at a Rummage sale for you girls. There are 2 of peach, moss green, pale yellow, 3 of pale blue, blue, and 1 and a bit of white. Have no idea of what it could look like and perhaps you will want to give it away.

    • Ooooh! Mohair at a rummage sale? What a great find!
      Moss stitch is a simple textured pattern built in only two rows. Cast on an odd number of stitches, work the first row k1, p1 all the way to the end. Turn the work and simply p1, k1 all the way to the end, and repeat. The alternating purl bumps and knits give the fabric a neat bumpy texture.

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