Scarf complete!

Wednesday afternoon and I am happy to say that the dithering is over: I have finished my spring scarf with only minor reservations. I decided to edge the scarf in some turquoise sock yarn. I was going for a nice tight picot edging, but since the length of my initial sticthes were kind of long and sloppy the  picot chains stretched resulting in lumpy arches along the scarf. But, the scarf is lumpy so it’s ok. Also, next time I try this pattern I want to use a chunkier yarn with more swing. Silk or bamboo would do it. I love wool, but this scarf can almost stand on one end.

I am midway through another little bunny buddy. This one for Robert’s sister who sent me a zine she made about coffee. One of these days I will sign up for a swap group online. If you have an account on Ravelry, you can find lots of different swaps. In most cases, you have to sign up first to let them know you’re interested in the swap. Then you’re assigned a partner to contact to find out what they like to knit or spin, their favorite colors and fibers, etc. Ususally the swap has a theme or spending limit. You get the fun of putting together a nice package for someone and receiving a fun surprise in the mail! Win-win!

While taking out the garbage one day I spotted some really cool moss on the fence. Odd little things that look like Shrek ears. Little things like this make me pause and consider how small my world is compared to the universe as we know it.



One thought on “Scarf complete!

  1. I wondered at first if you had knitted a very different article to wear, only to read that it is moss. Very beautiful. Now about your scarf, that too is beautiful. I like the picture of you and your scarf. I am still only knitting dish rags. They are fun and after a couple of days in the sink, you do not see the mistakes that have been made. Love to the Gingerknitters.

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