Craft Corner

June already?! Hard to believe with all the peculiar weather patterns. However, if you suffer from seasonal allergies like me then you are rejoicing the GLORIOUS RAIN!!!! Yesterday was rough, to say the least. I don’t know what the pollen count was but I could almost feel the pollen dusting my face. Yuck! Not even a good week of sunshine, and I’m already eager for the cold, wet season. Mostly for the knitting. The cold weather and holidays are a much better incentive to finish projects. Right now, I have four WIPs (works in progress) on the brink of completion.

This week, I was inspired to rearrange and organize my craft corner. There are so many inspiring work spaces online, I felt sure that with a new desk and a little downsizing I might be able to create a great space to craft. I bought a desk on Craigslist that I thought would fit in the corner. Sure enough – once the darn thing was assembled, mind you – the desk didn’t fit. Great. Looks like I have yet another project still in the works…

On an unrelated note: Ester graduated! Yippee!


One thought on “Craft Corner

  1. Another great post. It could be a race to see who can start the most projects. There are quite a few of us that can probably rival your craft corner! Loved it! GMM

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