Summer Knitting Progresses, Summer Blogging ….well….

July already!? I have been so behind in everything: writing, knitting and blogging. I spent last week searching for a crucial camera component, typing and speeding between jobs.  It would have been so nice to have a knitting companion when I drove out to Adrian for Ester’s graduation. I have yet to learn how to knit while driving, and Robert won’t knit on command. (Just give me time….) I would not be so far along in my knitting if it weren’t for Ru. She came over two weeks ago and since she didn’t bring a project I roped her into working on one of mine! Ha-HA! So handy to have a spare set of hands. She plugged along on a trial version of a quick cowl while I finished my tea cozy. The cowl is finished, but I am not impressed with it. The pattern was tagged “easy”, “fast”, “modern” but once finished, it looked lumpy and sloppy.Not even a cool button or edging can redeem it. On the plus side, my knitted cozy turned out adorable AND practical. You may be wondering “why? why knit a covering for your teapot?” For starters, it’s cute. Secondly, tea pot cozies are used to keep the teapot hotter longer. Because the cozy I knitted purposely puckers the stranded wrong side, the cozy becomes two layers of fabric with air pockets on the inside. It works! Cruising through patterns on Ravelry made me realize that tea cosies have become a trendy item to knit or crochet. Who knew?!

This pattern is an easy knit; each row uses just two colors at a time in garter stitch. The puckers are achieved by pulling the carried yarn tight behind the work. Since the pattern fits a larger pot, I reduced the number of sections to eight on each side and started decreasing a couple rows earlier to make it fit my three-cup Bee House Tea Pot. I used odd balls of yarn; a teal mercerized cotton, yellow Lamb’s Pride and the brown is acrylic. Lord only knows what will happen if I wash it….


One thought on “Summer Knitting Progresses, Summer Blogging ….well….

  1. That is a very cute cozy! Sorry, I did not follow on the “easy’ part, and when I looked at the pucker strings, I just sighed and thought, How lucky I am to have such knit smart Granddaughters. I love your Gingerknitter site. Much love from Grandma M

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