Thrifty Treasure: Wool Winder

Yesterday as I was busy griping about the difficulty of springy circulars,  I failed to mention how much I love crafting with second-hand stuff. Not only is it economical to find craft tools and materials at thrift stores, it’s enviromentally friendly.  I love rifling through the bins of crippity-crap for small boxes of stitch markers, crochet hooks, cable needles or whatever.

Photo by Crystal Tan

One of my best finds, this Wool Winder is a bit of an antique. I clip it to the counter or stool and effortlessly wind a ball of yarn. The arms rotate as you pull the yarn so if I ever got a yarn ball winder I could sit there and crank away. The best part? It was only $3!  

Of course, the only thing better than cheap is free ! Check out this clever winding solution from Aemmeleia’s Ephemera.  I’m sure I have the wine bottle for that . . .



One thought on “Thrifty Treasure: Wool Winder

  1. Keep on thrifting! I enjoyed your blog. I think that is what I enjoyed. I never blogged before. Wow, Grandma, what you talk about! Love

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