Ruffled Neck Kerchief – complete!

After months of toting it around, I’ve finally finished my first straight-needle lace project just in time for fall weather. (In California at least, I missed the get-ready-for-crisp-Oregon-mornings deadline weeks ago. )

 Instead of transitioning from grey to blue like the pattern, I decided to make the blue stripes more frequent and of equal size throughout.  I was so thrilled to find that I had enough grey alpaca in my stash, I overlooked the fact that one of the balls was actually Cascade Superwash in exactly the same heathered grey.  You could tell that the density and drape of the yarn changed in the middle of the scarf. The section made out of Cascade Superwash was springier and made the fabric slightly bulky.

At one point I considered ripping it all out and getting some more of the correct yarn, but I got such a kick out of using up what I already had on hand, I decided to go with it. Sure enough, after a good wash and block, the fabric developed a lovely soft drape despite the different yarn weights used. I’m not sure if I cast-off the ruffle correctly; I only know one cast-off method and it made a solid line of v’s along the finished egde. But, I was ready to be done with it and onto something new.

Now I if only the temperature would dip below 80 degrees . . .


One thought on “Ruffled Neck Kerchief – complete!

  1. So glad to get a Gingerknitter update. Your scarf looks lovely, We will be at Kate’s on Nov 5th for a few days, hope to see you, Robert and the scarf. I am still knitting on a wash rag, hope to have it done by the 5th! Much love, GMMooney

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