The Health Benefits of Vitamin Y

Lately I have been living vicariously through my younger sister who just started school in Corvallis. It seems some things never change: survey textbooks are still boring and expensive,  homework piles up before the first day of school and accumulates exponentially, and there will always be that one inconsiderate hallmate (or roommate) who keeps late hours, hosting obnoxious gatherings in a disgustingly cramped dorm room. (Sorry, that was me . . . anyone remember the infamous ‘Daylight Savings Party’?) But if you’re smart and organized, like my lil sis,  somehow you find a way to get it all done AND join the school crew team. Way to Go!

With my wonky work schedule and flaky employers, I find myself with a lot of free time. I knit, exercise, clean and organize corners of my life that I never bothered with before. I’m reading books, filling out applications and sending cover letters rife with personal anecdotes, credos, life-long goals, hope and dreams, etc. out to potential employers. I get a response 20% of the time. But job hunting is a lot like fishing, so I know I just need to be patient. Or maybe I need to try out a different lure – like bologna! 🙂

photo by Crystal Tan

When I stop and think about all the things I have no control of, I feel pretty small and ineffectual. They say you shouldn’t worry about things that are out of your hands, but, I am genetically programmed to worry about everything. So, to keep myself from going crazy, I get my daily dose of Vitamin Y – yarn! While I’m knitting and purling for someone I love, I feel very empowered. I visualize the final garment, changes I can make along the way, and, most importantly, the person I am giving it to. It reminds me that all good things take time and patience, and anything worth doing is worth doing right. (When in doubt, rip it out!)


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