Christmas Countdown!

Hello again!

December already, I’m caught up in a Christmas Project Delirium: there’s sugary treats and projects galore, so I have the attention-span of a spastic goldfish. But, I am determined to keep my knitting deadlines this year. Hopefully those on my list don’t have to wait until March for their gifts. (Christmas 2010) Ariel is also quite busy, embarking on her own December blog-a-thon, and making all her gifts this year. With all our WIP’s and time-sensitive projects we still find time to make ornaments, snowflakes, mulled wine, homemade potstickers, and coax our beloved kitty into a variety of holiday outfits. Basically, procrastinating crafts with other crafts.

Our Thanksgiving was warm and cozy. Robert really outdid himself this year; single-handedly preparing enough turkey, stuffing, taters and gravy, yams, cranberry sauce, squash-chipotle soup and cauliflower for fourteen people, although only nine showed up. I was in charge of making rolls, the flower arrangement and counting the guests (oops). I used my mom’s delicious tater roll recipe, but I think I kneaded the dough too much the barometric pressure was off that day. My floral arrangement turned out much better than I anticipated since I used little bits and pieces from around the yard that weren’t getting much face time anyway. Bright red and yellow maple leaves, rose hips, dried flower stalks, mums, juniper sprigs and some sweet little tea roses from the wrong side of the property line. (Ariel did it!)


One thought on “Christmas Countdown!

  1. As always, I enjoyed all the news and pictures. Glad your Thanksgiving was a good one. Keep the Gingerknitters posts coming. Much love from Grandma Mooney

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