Merry Christmas!

Can you believe it’s already December 25th! Good gravy! As you might imagine, my plan to lovingly knit (or make) something for everyone I know petered out the week before Christmas. Although I completed the majority of my knitted gifts by Christmas, I did not get to everyone on my list. (Watch your mailbox around Groundhog’s Day!)  Still, much better than last year. However, the gifts for Christmas 2010 were finally delivered the following March, so it’s not a very high standard. Overall, I am happy and a bit relieved that I can craft without a deadline for the next eight months.

Ariel and Tiffany baked a batch of Cornflake Chocolate Chip Marshmallow Cookies; one of the recipes from the Momofuko Milk Bar cookbook. They’re crunchy, buttery, chewy, downright-delicious cookies.

Of course it’s not really Christmas without some sort of frosted sugar cookie – ours are shaped like Yoda, Boba Fett and Darth Vader. 

Right now, Robert’s working on Christmas dinner. I love when the house warms up with the smells of a good meal. Because many of my knitted gifts are still in transit, later on this week, I’ll put together a show-and-tell post revealing all the gifts I managed to complete on time.

Enjoy the rest of your evening, I hope you’re all surrounded by those who love you most. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Christmas!!!!!

  1. Enjoyed your post. Hope your Christmas was an enjoyable one also. Grandpa and I had Moussaka for Christmas Eve dinner, went to midnight Mass and had a good day Christmas with Uncle Tom, Aunt Karen and two of Karen/s family (one was a 4 year old girl). On Christmas I fixed Prime Rib and stuff with Apple Goober for dessert. I did not do any cookie bakeing. I missed that . Love you all. GMM

    • Oh yes, we had a nice Christmas. I made up a batch of fish chowder for Christmas Eve dinner and Robert made braised pork shoulder, turnips and creamy polenta for Christmas dinner. It was a cozy, relaxing day. 🙂

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