Knitted Gifts 2011: Little Santas

After knitting up a couple gnomes for my sister Mary, I decided to create larger versions clad in red.

These santas knit up quickly, and use  simple embroidery stitches (lazy daisy, split-stitch, french knot, satin stitch) to create an endearing little face.

Knitted from the top-down, after binding-off the bottom of the suit it’s important to go back and weave all the ends in. Why? Well, even though most of the loose ends will wind up inside the doll, adding the facial details will take much longer while battling stray pieces of yarn. (This is common knowledge for most needlepoint artists – like my Aunt Sherilyn – but if you’re a haphazard crafter like me,  keeping the wrong side neat seems superfluous.)

I sent these Santas to my two dear friends who stay jazzed about Christmas all year long.

Really, this knitted object could be modified in a variety of ways to portray any number of characters in conical hats. Like a witch, an elf, or Gandalf

Which reminds me of yet another reason to look forward to December 2012.


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