Stranded Turnip Hat

I am one of those lucky people who knows a gardener. Actually, I know two gardeners in two differnent climates. So I enjoy a wide variety of bumpercrop without hoeing a single row! Inspired by all the gorgeous, homegrown goodies I’ve been blessed with, I designed a wee, stranded turnip pattern.

needs a pompom

My goal was to make a stranded pattern that followed the basic rules of fair isle knitting while keeping some organic, asymetrical details.  I still have some kinks to fix, but I’m waiting for a big box of yarn goodies to arrive from KnitPicks. Once I’ve polished up the pattern, I plan to make it available on Ravelry. My only question: is this a gardener hat or a gardener’s-little-helper hat?


5 thoughts on “Stranded Turnip Hat

  1. Again, my dear Emma, a winner! I prefer no pompom. You put a pompom on a hat for a little Grandma and they are referred to as “cute”. My Indian friend told me that “cute” meant bow-legged to her Indian family.

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