Happy Blogiversary, Gingerknitters!

I’m the kind of person who buys all the accoutrements to begin a new hobby before I determine if I like it or not. I bought a zippy new swimsuit, swim cap and sassy pink goggles before I realized I don’t really like water-boarding myself –  aka “swimming laps”. (I can’t really even put the swim cap on right, that should have been the first clue.) Before I tried a simple log cabin quilt, I cut out enough squares for a giant coverlet only to discover I couldn’t cut (or sew) a straight line to save my life. Given my streak, I don’t why I decided to keep a web log. After all, it’s needier than a houseplant.

I think it was Ruthie who said, “You know what?! We need to start a blog!” And thus Gingerknitters coalesced. 


How does one celebrate a blogiversary? Maybe next year I’ll plan a giveaway, or knit along, or something more engaging. Tonight’s festivities are pretty mellow: a fat stack of library books, a brand new box of yarn, swatching and some Parliament Funkadelic.


swatch for my turnip hat project

yarn box burglar

Thanks for reading, here’s to another year!


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