How to Make Cascarones with Knitted Mochimochi

What do you do with a bunch of Anna Hrachovec’s knitted chickens? Make cascarones!!!


Cascarones are an awesome Easter tradition for several reasons. First and foremost, cracking an egg filled with confetti on someone else’s head is just good fun. They’re cheap: all you need are empty eggshells, confetti, food coloring and a little tissue to glue on the top. Plus, unlike plastic eggs or that synthetic easter grass, you don’t have to worry about plastic, pastel litter lingering in your yard for the rest of the year .

You can dress cascarones up like you would any other Easter eggs. Over at SpanglishBaby they used a basic Easter dye kit to color their eggs. But you can use whatever you have on hand: paint, crayons, stickers, etc. (Check out these awesome, elaborate El Luchadore Cascarones over at CraftyChica.) However you decorate your eggshells, be sure the paint or dye has completely dried before filling with confetti and prizes.

I decided to keep my cascarones simple by sticking to biodegradable materials. For these compost-friendly cascarones you will need:

Start saving your eggshells!

– empty eggshells
– Elmer’s glue
– tissue
– frugal confetti (newspaper)

Step One: Gather your eggshells. You can always crack all your eggs the day you want to make cascarones, but if you want to keep it cheap, start collecting eggshells a couple weeks out to avoid waste. When you crack your eggs, be sure to remove only the top. Rinse with water and allow to dry.

Step Two: Mix Elmer’s glue with a little bit of water in a small container.

Step Three : Put knitted chicken in egg.

Mochimochi chicky!

Step Four: Fill the egg with confetti, pinch by pinch.

Never pay for confetti!

Step Five: Take a small square of tissue and place it over the top of the egg so it covers the opening.

Step Six: Using a paintbrush, brush the glue mixture over the tissue paper. Allow to dry.

A little bit of the glue mixture goes a long way.

Once the tissue is completely coated, allow to dry.

After the cascarones have dried they’re ready to be passed and hatched!

Mochimochi Chicken!



6 thoughts on “How to Make Cascarones with Knitted Mochimochi

  1. Your web site takes me hours to read as there are so many neat places to go. I am glad I was there for the First Big Egg Breaking party. Will be thinking of you on Saturday as we watch your little sister at Dexter. Love you. GMM

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