My First Sweater: DROPS 97-18 Tailored Cardigan

A couple of months ago I discovered Julie’s blog, Knitting At Large,  which offers pointers on modifying sweater patterns to fit plus-size figures. Julie is a real hoot and her plus-size knitting adventures have inspired me to finally cast on my first sweater.

First Sweater Pattern: For my first sweater I went with the  DROPS 97-18 Tailored Cardigan: a v-neck cardigan with set-in sleeves. This  pattern is sized from XS  to XXL, and it’s available for free from DROPS Design.

Here it is modeled by a robust Scandinavian co-ed.

I decided on a pieced sweater,  rather than one knitted in-the-round,  because I thought it might be easier to make modifications in the exact spots that need them.  Even though this pattern is not exactly a beginner sweater, what with all the seaming and button holes, I know I will wear it more than a knitted pullover.The set-in sleeves will add more structure to my rounded shoulders and help balance my figure. I can see it worn over a crisp collared blouse, or a floral dress.

First Sweater Yarn: For my yarn, I went with Dale of Norway ‘Daletta’. It’s a 4ply fingering weight wool that knits up with clear stitch definition. I was totally surprised by how soft it knits up, since it feels crunchy, and a little scratchy on the ball.  I found a rich olive green shade at Velona’s Needlecraft for a very reasonable price. (Color 7476)

First Sweater Modifications: If there’s one thing I’ve picked up from Julie’s blog, it’s the importance of studying the pattern schematic, and figuring out a schematic for your own body.  This particular schematic offers several points of reference which will enable me to figure out how many decreases/increases to add in to make the sweater fit just right.

I certainly don’t want a sweater with extra fabric in the wrong places, especially since I’m already certain I need to buy more yarn. (Doh!)

I just began the decreases for the waist shaping and I’m almost through the first ball of yarn.


3 thoughts on “My First Sweater: DROPS 97-18 Tailored Cardigan

  1. Brave lady. I know you will enjoy knitting and easily live up to the challenge. I did knit one jacket many years ago, but the poor knitting lady at the shop was worried I would soon bring in my sheets and blankets to complete my day with her for every step.
    By the way, Happy Birthday! I finally got your address from your Mother yesterday, so really, your card is in the mail. Lots of love and keep us informed. GMM

  2. This is a really cool cardigan! I love the green too. Ive just begun knitting as a hobby and am making my first proper piece, a debbie bliss pattern for a baby’s buggy (pram) first baby is due in May (only 8 weeks away!!)…Im already slightly obsessed with my knitting and have only just started!! I look forward to seeing your final cardy and how it turns out…i think Ill get the pattern 🙂 Thanks for your comment on my new blog…your blog looks very interesting and i look forward to reading some more 🙂

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