Less than 25g

When knitters and crocheters talk about their “stash” of yarn, I always assume it is more like a collection of full skeins, rather than the anonymous motley I have going in my craft drawer. But surely, I am not the only person whose stash is broken up into balls of 25g or less.

I guess I ignore the fact that, since it can be pretty tedious to estimate yardage needed for a project, most patterns will list the brand of yarn and round-up the yardage. For example, if Yarn Brand A has 400 yards per skein, and Susie D. Signer  used almost two skeins (the center-pull ball was starting to collapse, is that halfway or more than halfway through the second ball?) they would round-up and say the pattern takes 800 yards of Yarn Brand A. This creates a problem for people, like me, who tend to hoard craft supplies.

Back in December, I knit a couple different pairs of fingerless gloves, two-at-a-time. I split each color into two equal weight balls (using my food scale) making four balls of yarn per project. So now I have – in addition to all my other odds and ends – several pairs of small yarn balls that need something to do.

They do look pretty together . . .


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