Down the Rabbit Hole . . .

spinning and stash audit part 1 003

Hello readers, it’s been a while! Almost an entire a year, but it doesn’t feel that much has changed since that time. I’m still crafting daily, though it’s mostly knitting projects for broadcast on Culture of CraftingHowever, in a moment of weakness (read on) I bought a drop spindle and four ounces of delicious Blue Faced Leicester fiber. I am hooked.

I love to knit and crochet, but spinning was – in my mind – a step over the edge. I know it seems a very vague line to draw, but I’ve met spinners and they are nutty. One such spinner was spinning cobweb lace yarn, that she was planning on weaving into a delightfully intricate bookmark. Once you can make your own yarn, what’s to stop you from raising your own sheep?!

In my right mind, I may never have bought a spindle and fiber batt. But circumstances being what they were,  I couldn’t really avoid it. My friend Nikki and I went to the Renaissance Pleasure Faire and I was in heaven. There were friendly, funny people in full costume everywhere, hamming it up and swapping historical footnotes. Nikki’s friend works for the fair as a Pike Man  so we got to meet some of the more permanent fair characters. Here I am in a helmet, holding a broadsword, and getting a demo on pre-Enlightenment warfare. Yes, that historian is drinking a beer.

Renaissance Pleasure Faire

Spirits were high, beer was flowing and I was ready to don a wimple and go back to simpler times when we reached the Royale Hare’s booth. The ladies were very knowledgeable, the wool was so fluffy and inviting, and I crossed over.

As I write this, my spindle is completely full of a pretty grey lace/bulky weight single ply. I think the next step is to take the ‘cop’ off and keep spinning until I’ve got enough to ply them together. . . . ? We’ll see where this goes.


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