Tour de Fleece 2014

Blarney Yarn roving

Tour de Fleece is the spinner’s version of Tour de France. It takes place during the Tour de France, and you try to spin as much yarn as possible during the Tour de France. But, you’re not allowed to spin on the “rest days”, i.e those days that the actual cyclists take off during the race.

Always a fan of kooky communal activities  – drunken caroling, memorial service karaoke, brewing beer, Spam-carving, etc. – I was pumped to finally get to join in on Tour de Fleece, and bought some special braids to spin. But now I’ve been coveting these braids of roving for weeks, and I don’t want to turn these sophisticated colors (sky blue, rust and rosey pink) into a muddy yarn.

In keeping with the timing of the actual tour, Tour de Fleece 2014 started yesterday and I  made no progress whatsoever.  I basically rolled up to the starting line, clipped in and already sweating in my spandex, and when the gun went off? I started looking at the road map and double checking the air pressure. Lame!

After watching a few episodes of Felicia Lo’s “Spinning Dyed Fibers”, I learned that spinning a thicker yarn makes each color more distinct  in the finished skein. So, even though the colors in the braid are somewhat contrary, I think by spinning it into sport weight singles, and then plying them together, I’ll be able to keep the colors from turning into mud.

What’s the fluff? I have two 2 oz. braids of Blue Faced Leicester wool and Tussah Silk from Blarney Yarns. The colorway is “Feldspar Canyon” and (now that I’m back in the “race”) it is spinning up so easily. Hooray!


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