Tour de Fleece – Gérardmer / Mulhouse

first single on the cop

After my first day spinning, I was sure I’d need to buy more fiber to get me through the event. HA! Sure enough work intervened and my Tour de Fleece progress has been slow. I spin while waiting for the  toast to toast, the dryer to ‘ding’, or for the computer to boot up. I can’t tell how much gets spun during these “sprints” so I was completely surprised when the last bit of fluff passed through my drafting hand and onto the cop this morning. Huzzah!

Having the extra incentive to spin and get more practice is already paying off. Although it’s not particularly neat, I’m definitely getting better at winding the cop. I did not have the singles slipping off this time, much to my poor spindle’s relief. 🙂 Also – I did not have to “park and draft” as much as my last spinning project, and every movement felt more fluid.


single resting on tennis ballThere it is: my “Gérardmer / Mulhouse”  is resting now on a tennis ball. Time to break out the second batt!


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