Second Hand Jingle

jingle bear - updated

Robbie is six-months old now and inactive for about 2% of the day*. During that time I search the house for a knitting project that is nearly complete, or one where just a few rows can make some very satisfying progress.  The only problem is that it’s impossible to avoid eye-contact with the laundry to be put away, crusty dishes, cat food scattered on the floor, etc. So, there is not really a lot of knitting getting done around here.

However, back in August my mom and sister came to visit so I was able to finally cast-off a stuffed animal for Robbie. Jingle Bear is a very scrappy project: free pattern (Otso by Sophie Scott), scrap yarn, up-cycled stuffing and a thrifted jingle!

jingle progress 1 updated

The pattern itself is one I would definitely knit it all over again. You start by knitting the arms and legs, then you knit the body from the bottom up as you join the legs. There is shaping in the pattern to give the bear a rounded bottom, a proud chest and little shoulders. Very cute!

jingle progress 2 updated

Since most of  my yarn is packed away (out of Robbie’s grasp) I had to substitute a worsted weight yarn and smaller DPNs for the pattern. The orange stripes are actually a sport weight yarn, so you can see that this is definitely a scrap-friendly project.

What I love most about this project is that I used whatever I could find on hand or second hand. The stuffing is from a wonky pillow. The jingle I got from a $3 toy grab-bag at Savers. I cut open the toy and washed the little jingle canister – good as new!

second hand jingles

Despite all the love and effort that went into Mr. Jingle Bear, he’s not seeing a lot of action. Robbie likes when Jingle Bear is jingled violently, but otherwise he seems not to know that it exists. But that doesn’t get me down. Completing this project was a good reminder that you can make something really neat if you’re creative with what you already have.

*10% inactive when Robert Sr. watches him which is completely unfair since Robert Sr. won’t help with all the unfinished knitting!  


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