Hello!  My name is Emma and I am just another knitter with a blog. Current obsessions include sourdough pancakes, the Side Hustle School podcastand recordings of rain falling in the woods. (Here’s a really good one.)

I grew up fishing, canning, and crafting with my family in Adrian, OR. I earned a BA in English from the University of Oregon in 2009. Until I recently, I was convinced that I was born in the wrong era: too roughspun for the 21st century. I realize now that there are countless others who not only prefer to make/grow/do it themselves, they believe the practical, handmade life to be the real “life of luxury.” This blog endeavors to share fun,  frugal knitting ideas while networking with like-minded individuals. I love a good chat so please feel free to contact me about collaborative projects, crafty show-and-tell, book recommendations or juicy gossip.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Good going! Your Mom sent me the address. That hat you knit for Robert would take me many years to make.

    I will be following the Gingerknitters. Love you both. Grandma Mooney

  2. Hi Emma!! We miss you guys so much! I just saw the link to your blog on your fb page. It’s really amazing – although mostly a foreign language to me since I’m not a knitter.
    Anyway, I thought I would reply as soon as I saw the “stick” engraved with the term, non inflammable. I love the English language! Non inflammable is actually a legitimate term meaning quite the opposite of heat sensitive. It actually means the object is NOT prone to flames! The word infammable itself means EASY to catch fire. It’s one of my favorite words since the actual meaning is opposite of what you might think at first glance. But I suppose it might also be dangerous in the wrong situation…
    Anyway small fun fact!! Eric and I hope to go to LA soon. Maybe memorial day. Not too sure yet.
    Anyway say hi to Robert and big black!! We really miss you a lot!! Sherrie

    • Hi Sherrie! Thanks for checking out my blog and sharing something about the English language I probably should have learned at some point. 😛

      So, inflammable is to fire, what denude is to nakedness?

  3. Hi Emma – wondering if your lovely Windowpane French Press Cosy is available – currently living in France lol and would love to knit it!

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