Liebster Blog Award?! THANK YOU FOR READING!

Although I love to plan and put together posts for my blog, I watch my stats. I get pumped (doesn’t everybody?) to see little spikes in readership after the posts go up. So when I saw that morganhausen nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award I was ecstatic!

The Liebster Blog Award (as far as I understand it) is kind of a free-moving, pay-it-forward, chain-letter thing. Google says it came from Germany, but that doesn’t really matter. When you’re nominated, you post a picture of some flowers,  insert the Liebster Blog badge, and nominate two to five other blogs that have less than 200 subscribers.

Of all the blogs I read regularly, there are only two that fit that requirement:

Daybook: A keeping of days – a mellow craft blog with lots of links to interesting articles, recipes and, of course, beautiful photos.  The blogger, Jodi, finds a bit of refuge from her health issues in her crochet and weaving projects.

c  r  a  f  t  i  v  o  r  e – I was initially drawn in by her beautiful stranded wedding shawl. But then I found so much more to love (like the “mala” scarf pattern based on the auspicious number 108).  She is a very talented lady!

Thank you all for reading Gingerknitters! Your input and kind words fuel my left-brain, and keep me motivated to improve this little blog.